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Professional car audio

Audio is an interesting topic, everyone enjoys quality audio, but most people aren’t really certain of what they want when it comes to audio systems. In a typical situation, a trip to a car audio shop will likely consist of more explanations and recommendations by the salesperson than any actual decision making. Even if you want to, many shops simply aren’t equipped for you to audition the audio system that you are eyeing.

Forget all of that. Autoimage’s new Esatto and Passione audio concept store is not only equipped with a sophisticated demo room, it also adopts a revolutionary system that allows all customers to receive a quotation within minutes.

Searching for the perfect audio setup is easy.

Trust us when we say this – choosing the perfect audio upgrade at Autoimage is easy. Within the first minutes of entering the store, you’ll be able to find out about all the audio packages available for your car and the prices of them.

As we walked past the glass door, we were greeted by Autoimage’s Ted, whose first question was “what car do you drive?”. After a few taps on the touchscreen at the counter, audio upgrade packages were displayed on the screen in detail – including the prices. There really is no ambiguity when it comes to the packages offered. Once you have decided on one, a quotation tailored to your car make and model will be printed out and handed to you for reference.

Along with all the details on the quotation, is a demo code. The demo code enables Autoimage’s staff to configure the demo system to let you audition the exact set up that you have picked for your car. Take a seat in Autoimage’s demo room and you’ll simply have to connect your phone to the Esatto Digital Signal Processor in the room, and play your favourite song.

Once you have made up your mind, all you have to do is to hand over the quotation to one of the staff, and they can start working on your car right away.

The perfect team to complete the perfect audio installation

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